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    Our Story

    The neighborhood of St. Johns is on the cusp of huge growth. Along with this surge in population and economic activity come many potential opportunities - and some serious challenges. 

    How can St. Johns attract new businesses, local jobs, and affordable housing—while retaining the local character and diverse population that make it unique, and ensuring that local businesses and residents aren’t pushed out by gentrification? 

    MISSION: St. Johns Main Street is working to create a thriving and sustainable local economy for the St. Johns neighborhood. As part of the national Main Street movement, we promote local prosperity and livability by serving as a resource hub for community and local business.

    What We Do: 

    • Support local businesses with training and resources to help them succeed
    • Create spaces where the community can gather (placemaking) 
    • Act as a convener and advocate for local businesses and community organizations 
    • Connect residents of St. Johns with local jobs, and empower businesses to hire locally
    • Promote community health through access to local food
    • Advocate for affordable housing

    Our Values:

    We believe in transparency
    We believe in open dialogue, seeking community feedback, asking questions and giving honest answers.

    We are design thinkers
    We believe in reflection, continuous learning and being creative to improve all aspects of our work.

    We value our team
    We invest in our staff and their professional development. 

    We work hard & we laugh hard
    We are confident in our work, love what we do and have fun making each other laugh.

    We are resilient leaders
    We stay optimistic, use data to inform our decisions and push through tough times in order to move mountains.

    We strive to be an inclusive organization
    We have an open door policy and promote a welcoming and approachable atmosphere. 

    We believe in collective impact
    We believe that collaboration and strategic partnerships lead to a stronger St. Johns. 

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